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In this hands on workshop Amazon Developer Advocate Nader Dabit shows us how to get started with serverless GraphQL using AWS Amplify.

Nader Dabit is a frequent speaker and specialized in React and React Native. He recently joined the AWS Amplify team and helps us understand how to build a back-end for our apps with serverless GraphQL. Thanks for Markus Kaiser from Amazon Munich for hosting us!

Building Full Stack Applications with React and GraphQL

"Infrastructure as Code – Building Full Stack Applications with React and GraphQL Transform" (Nader Dabit, session length: ~3 hours)

GraphQL is changing the way that applications are being built. Infrastructure as code is especially well-suited for GraphQL applications because we can shape and evolve our data model over time, allowing developers to build, collaborate on, and deploy applications in new and exciting ways.

In the past we could clone existing client applications and then launch them in our browser or mobile simulators. Today we can clone and deploy full stack applications by leveraging a new paradigm of infrastructure as code that allows us to deploy both the front end and back end code.

In this talk, I'll show you how to build GraphQL APIs with features like authorization, sorting, relationships, databases, custom indexes, search, and more utilizing the GraphQL Transform library and AWS Amplify.

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